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Everything you need to create and sell WiFi marketing solutions

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Selling Social WiFi

Learn the basics of selling Social Powered WiFi solution. This course covers lead generation, negotiation, and follow-up stages of the sales process.

Closing your first sale

So your first customer has said "YES!" to implementing a Social Powered WiFi Solution. Congratulations! This course teaches you what to do after you make your first sale.

Selling to Hospitality

The hospitality industry includes hotels and motels and the availability of Free WiFi is the most important amenity to guests, even more so than a free breakfast!

Selling to Restaurants

Today’s consumers are mobile focused and even make decisions on where to eat based on the availability of Free WiFi. Stop giving away Free WiFi and start seeing a positive return on your investment.

Selling to businesses without existing free WiFi

These types of business owners require education on the importance of offering Free WiFi and are a tougher customer… but we’ll show you how to get it done!

Post-Sale: Steps To Customer Success

In a recurring revenue business model, the real work starts once the sale is closed. Client success and showing results is key to ensuring that clients are happy and stay on longer to generate a recurring revenue stream.

Selling to businesses with existing free WiFi

These types of business owners already understand the importance of providing free WiFi to their customers. All you have to do is sell the value of the solution, not the idea!

Sales blueprint for Social Media Consultants

Why should Social Media Consultants start selling Social WiFi? Well... isn't it obvious? 😝
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